Graphic design is the most important tool in how you communicate your brand to people. Graphic designers takes your idea and effectively coveys it. It's not just effective but beautiful. Good design makes your business look professional and put together. Good design can leave a good impression on potential customers. By nature, people like to associate with things that look good and make them feel good. By investing in quality graphic design, you are significantly increasing your brand’s ability to stand out in the minds of key decision makers.

Good graphic design coveys a message of credibility and professionalism. Companies that invest in quality graphic design are perceived to be more trustworthy. Presentation and perception can make or break any business. People are looking for signs of professionalism to convince them that you can be trusted. One such sign is the way that you present yourself. It’s important to present yourself in the best possible way by investing in quality graphic design. 

Great graphic design summarises these ideas in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. People may not be willing to read a document that is trying to convince them to purchase your product, but they will be willing to have a look at an image that serves the same purpose. Additionally, graphic design needs to be consistent. All representations of your brand should be visually similar to build trust and to ensure that your brand is recognisable. Great graphic design gives you this much-needed consistency.

Whether it’s in print or online, from business cards to billboards, logos, packaging design, flyers and much more, West Way Designs stands ready to meet your graphic design needs.

Agency Client Design Process

Discuss your design needs in person and or via email.

A 60% deposit is payable on acceptance of the quote. Only once payment has been verified will work commence.

After confirmation on previously discussed briefing we start the artwork with samples for you to approve.

Artwork concepts are presented to you.

Your changes and revisions are made on the artwork.

Print and web ready files are supplied in various formats. We will gladly manage all your printing requirements and assist with quotes.

The final 50% of the quoted amount is payable at this point. 


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